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UNIMEX Global Maritime Elite Trading Platform

UNIMEX - Universal Maritime Elites Exchange.

In the recent years, the maritime business has been sluggish causing the wave of e-commerce and the sharing economy to rise. The birth of UNIMEX does not only come from the environment, it is also from the reflection of the maritime industry insiders on maritime industry. We want to build UNIMEX into a shared service platform in the maritime field. Its main business modules include a video sharing platform, consulting, talent think tank, special lectures, etc.

UNIMEX aims to create a platform for the future maritime industry ecosystem. This platform will form a team of maritime experts mainly senior alumni who grated from Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) and colleagues from other maritime universities at home and abroad. We also want to share the experience and life insights of industry elites to the young students and newcomer in the workplace through the internet. With the growth of the platform, UNIMEX will be built into a pivotal maritime industry database in the next few years to help the maritime ecosystem and benefit all the stakeholders in the industry.

The UNIMEX platform mainly relies on the four major section to provide services to the vast number of maritime college students and workers in the maritime industry.

The four main sectors:

  • Maritime Video Sharing Platform

    Video communication has the advantages of being more direct, concise and efficient. We hope that through this platform, more people in the shipping industry will use this platform to share experience, knowledge and the most cutting-edge information in the industry. This benefit Maritime University students and industry practitioners so they can become active promoters of UNIMEX in the future. Based on concept of creating and sharing values, we will continue to jointly create a maritime shipping ecosystem.
  • Maritime Talent Think Tank

    Summarizing the investment consultation and bidding projects in the maritime industry, we hope that when the maritime investment consulting is needed, investors or operators can easily find the most suitable to provide professional advice as to avoid detours and make the best investment decisions.
  • Maritime Information Sharing and Project Consulting Services

    When the accumulated information reaches a certain level, the resources of the maritime university graduates will continue to be enriched. The large database of UNIMEX will provide the best maritime talent think tank for recruitment on this platform. At the same time, we will continue to gather and recruit experienced experts in the maritime industry to share actively through the UNIMEX platform. This effectively links the company employers and graduates to find jobs.
  • Maritime Seminars

    With such a talent think tank, we are to be able to participate in various maritime related forums and answer questions online. We expect to give back to the maritime community by bringing financial benefits to the maritime universities and their alumni associations which are actively participating in the maritime maritime UNIMEX project. This is another layer of the maritime ecosystem that we are preparing to create under the UNIMEX platform.

Contact information

  • China: +86 51688328

  • Singapore: +65 65364198

  • Email: unimex.org@gmail.com

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